Public Works

The Public Works Department falls under the accountability of the Public Works Director. Our goal is to provide and deliver services in a responsive, cost efficient, and effective manner to the citizens by offering a diversified, committed, and motivated workforce. 

The Public Works Department works under a budget that has been approved by the Town Manager and Town Council. The population of the Town is slowly increasing with several new developments in the planning stages. Currently, there are an estimated 3,000 citizens within the Town limits.

Work Orders
If you see an issue at your home or in your community, you may submit a work order by calling the Public Works office at 540-298-1330 or by clicking here to submit a form online. If you are experiencing a utility emergency after hours or on a weekend, please call 540-434-4436.

Meter Reading & Maintenance
Meter readings for utilities are done in the last week of the month. Most Town meters are read using a radio-read system that gathers meter data when driving by. The information is gathered by the Public Works Department then submitted to the Treasurer's Office for billing. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your consumption, please contact the Town Offices at 540-298-1330.

Please use caution around meter lids as not to damage them with cars or lawn mowers. Please also ensure your meter and meter lids are clear of shrubs and trees, and are clearly accessible to the Public Works Department.

New Connections
The Public Works Director is responsible for planning and authorizing new electric, water, and sewer connections. The proper paperwork and complete payment is required prior to any connections being placed.

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