Elk Run Cemetery

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Elk Run Cemetery is well maintained all year round with courteous, knowledgeable staff available from 8:00 AM thru 4:00 PM Monday - Friday. They welcome the opportunity to answer any questions regarding cemetery maintenance, space purchasing and columbarium purchasing options.

Find a Grave 

The Elk Run Cemetery is located at 100 Elk Run Drive, Elkton, Virginia 22827.
Find your loved one's assigned Section, Lot, and Space number on the Interred Report.
Find the section number you are looking for in the Cemetery Grave Assignment Map.


In addition to traditional burial spaces, the Elk Run Cemetery also offers a Columbarium. A Columbarium is an above-grade structure designed for the respectful and public storage of cinerary urns. The cremated remains of loved ones can be stored within 12" x 12" niches inside the Columbarium. A memorial plaque will appear on the exterior of each niche identifying the name, dates of life, and personal information of the loved ones whose remains are interred within. One niche will hold two cremated remains.    

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Cost Structure
Space (In Town Resident) $1,000
Space (Out of Town Resident) $1,500
Opening/Closing of Space (Full Burial) $750
Opening/Closing of Space (Cremation) $300
Columbarium Niche + 1 Opening/Closing $1,200
Second Right Opening/Closing of Niche $200

The Town offers an interest-free payment plan option for those who don't have cash funds available. For additional information, contact the Cemetery Office. Opening/Closing fees are not payable in advance.

Engraved Fence Plaques

Engraved plaques to be installed on the Elk Run Cemetery fence are available for purchase by contacting the Cemetery Office. Individual plaques measure 5 inches by 1.75 inches and will be placed one per six foot section of fencing. The plaque will read "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of" followed by your loved one's name. Plaques are $200 each and are sold on a first come, first served basis. 

fence plaque

Cemetery Commission

Members of the Cemetery Commission are appointed by Town Council.
The Commission shall meet the second Monday of the months of January and June at 6:00 PM. When a meeting date falls on a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held on the day following unless the Commission selects an alternative day.

Meetings of the Commission may be held in the conference room at Town Hall, 173 W. Spotswood Avenue, Elkton, Virginia 22827 after proper notice.

Cemetery Commission Address Phone Term
Lee Dearing (Chair) 24 North Street (540) 746-6636 04/17/2027
Mark Hensley (Vice Chair) 3109 Homestead Road (540) 578-1133 04/17/2028
Dwight "Gene" Kite 337 W. Spring Avenue (540) 421-4878 04/17/2027
Sue Armbruster 313 Lee Avenue (540) 298-2410 04/17/2027
Billie Jo Dofflemyer 106 Henry Avenue (540) 820-5349 04/17/2028
Michelle Dean 231 Tyler Lane (540) 298-1279 04/17/2027
Mark Stevanus 208 Morgan Avenue (540) 578-3933 04/17/2028