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The Elkton Planning Commission is a group of six volunteers & one council member. They are appointed by town council to be an advisory board on zoning & land use issues. They perform this function for both the council and the zoning administrator. The commission proactively works toward this goal by maintaining the comprehensive plan for the town, reviewing and suggesting updates to zoning ordinances, and suggesting proper zoning for all property brought into the Town of Elkton from the county.

During our commission meetings we discuss these items and open issues before the town. Our goal is to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals within the boundaries of the town code and in a way that benefits the whole community. The meetings are open to the public, and we welcome anyone interested to be our guest.

Meeting Dates


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Regular meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers located in the Community Center at 20593 Blue & Gold Drive at 7:00 PM. Notice will be posted if a meeting is rescheduled.


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The Town of Elkton Planning Commission serves in an advisory capacity to town council to plan for the future development of our town. It’s common duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

Planning Commission By-Laws

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Planning Commissioners

Name Address Telephone Term
Daniel Talbot Chair 611 4th Street
Elkton, Virginia 22827
(540) 820-7933
Richard McGregor Vice Chairman 264 Windsong Hill Drive
Elkton, Virginia 22827
(540) 405-7039
Cathy Morrison 907 – 6th Street
Elkton, Virginia 22827
(540) 298-2191
Roy E. Davis

202 Hill Avenue
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 298-8977 05/19/2014-05/01/2017

Dorenda Flick
415 Lee Avenue
Elkton Virginia 22827
(540) 298-1603  
Margaretta Isom - Council Representative 434 Wirt Avenue
ElktonVirginia 22827
(540) 298-8630 Per Council

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§ 110-800 Applicability of provisions

These regulations shall be administered in accordance with the provisions below.

§ 110-801 Zoning Administrator

A. Appointment. The Zoning Administrator shall be appointed by and shall serve at the pleasure of the Town of Elkton town Council which shall fix the compensation of the Zoning Administrator.

B. Powers and duties relating to zoning. The Zoning Administrator is authorized and empowered on behalf of and in the name of the Elkton Town Council to administer and enforce the provisions set forth herein, including receiving applications, inspecting premises, and issuing building permits and certificates of occupancy for uses and structures which are in conformance with the provisions of this chapter. The Zoning Administrator shall have all necessary authority on behalf of the Elkton Town Council to administer and enforce this chapter, including and ordering, in writing, the remedy for any condition found in violation of this chapter, and the bringing of legal actions, including injunction or abatement, or other appropriate action or proceedings, to ensure compliance with this chapter. The Zoning Administrator does not have the authority to take final action on applications or matters involving variances or on special exceptions, on which final action is reserved to the Board of Zoning Appeals or governing body.

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Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

The Town of Elkton Board of Zoning Appeals was established pursuant to the provisions of Article 7, Chapter 22, Title 15.2 of the Code of Virginia. The duties of the BZA powers, duties, and procedures are set forth in broad terms in the State Code and are furthered detailed in the Code for Town of Elkton.

Board of Zoning Appeals Code

Application for Variances before the Board of Zoning Appeals

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What is zoning?

dental officeThe following information is provided in an attempt to inform the public of the zoning process so that you may get a better understanding and hopefully participate in future development of Elkton.

Zoning designates the type of uses permitted on property owned by you. Generally, houses are built in residential areas, light manufacturing in M I zoning, and commercial in Business Districts. The Town of Elkton Code book may be accessed online. It contains all ordinances relative to zoning and permitted uses within each district.

The Dental Center in the picture above went from a vacant lot to the completed product. It went through several permit requests, including placement and construction of the sign.

Is zoning ever changed and if so how do I make a request?

First you must apply at the Zoning Office located at 20593 Blue and Gold Drive or call 540-713-4062 and speak with the Zoning Administrator. Zoning may not be considered for change until the Planning Commission and Town Council hold Public Hearings on the zoning change proposal(s).

How do I learn of proposed zoning changes?


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Applications/Forms (PDF)

Zoning Permit Request Form - Business

Zoning Permit Request Form - Residential

Application for Variances before the Board of Zoning Appeals

Checklist for permanent street closure

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